28 April 2019 @ 14:36
Helping Support Rebuilding Efforts in Syria Working with Partners Such as UNICEF
Draw down of the Syrian Conflict

After years or brutal conflict in Syria which has displaced millions of fleeing citizens, destroyed the country and been a staging ground for attacks on other nations the war is finally coming to an end with the draw down of NATO forces withdrawing fully in the next three months as announced in a recent meeting with the Supreme Allied Commander, Curtis Scaparrotti after claiming victory

UNICEF Troops move in

As NATO withdraws UNICEF troops are deployed to move in and maintain the peace and stability by securing the damaged nation. As civilians return home UNICEF will help in the rebuilding efforts of the nations to restore a once proud country. However this required money, time and resources, so the the first time since World War II the UN Security Council called on the international community to help support in whatever capacity possible to jump start the process

How The Coventry Charity Store Supports the cause

Well...we have set aside over £11546.94 worth of aid to be transported to the city of Mosul to help establish the capital and rebuild the nation. This is only expected to last for 2 weeks before supplies start to run out. So the Coventry Charity Store will then continue to provide £2500 a week in aid along with other local charity stores to support the UN as part of the international charity community.