25 April 2019 @ 07:12
Working With Local Companies to Build a New Park
Raising the funds

After The Coventry Charity Store opened it's it ran a fundraising event to show the charity community what people can do when they work together to help those less fortunate. In the 3 days that the event ran a total of £3456.54 was raised from the local community, business and other generous people who wanted to give to those less fortunate. This overwhelming act of care and compassion drove us to invest back into the local community to repay them for what they did and to show our appreciation for making the event a success

How we decided to give back

After days of careful deliberation and discussion it was decided that we wanted to give back to the local community by construction a new park for the local kids nearby which would feature state of the art equipment and facilities. To construct this we planned with local communities to keep business local to maintain our ethos of contributing to the local community

Construction Begins

Construction of the plan three months after the initial idea was brought to the table, one of our greatest accomplishments as a small store located in a busy city. We invested a further £2000.00 into the construction of the new park and it was a great site to see it built within 2 months with the park officially opening on the 23rd April 2019 with another fundraising event, which beet out expectations raising £5943.37 second time round, proving that giving back benefits everyone.